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Schools and universities program: this program is intended for teachers and its purpose is to improve their skills in education and class management. It is also intended for coordinators in the purpose of also improving their skills and ways of approaching their teachers. Moreover, school administrations can also benefit from this program by improving their managerial performances at school:

  • Personalized Professional Learning
  • Active Learning
  • Basic Teaching Skills
  • 175 Ways to Motivate Difficult, Disruptive, Disinterested and Defiant Students
  • Take Control of Out of Control Students
  • Working Effectively with Parents
  • How to Handle the Student with Special Needs
  • Overcoming Stress - For Teachers
  • Effective Strategies for Anger Problems
  • Lesson Preparation
  • Developing Teaching skills
  • Classroom management
  • Dealing with difficult parents
  • Supervision Techniques
  • Coordination Techniques
  • The Art of Communicating with students
  • The Learning Process and Learning Styles
  • Learning Concepts: Techniques and Methods
  • Teaching Styles
  • Personalized Education
  • Educational Supervision
  • How to keep students learning after you've stopped teaching
  • Developing Evaluation criteria
  • Building Educational Project
  • Managing difficult behaviors
  • Evaluating teachers' performance
  • Evaluating coordinators’ performance
  • Managing education
  • School leadership

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The Leadership and Management Academy (LMA) is a training Academy authorized by a Presidential Decree (9759), holding the permition of the Lebanese Ministry of Education.